9 Popular Medical Science Related Podcasts

Popular Medical Science Podcasts

Whether you’re a medical industry expert or have a knack in medicine and healthcare, it’s always great to make use of extra time to learn something new. Busy lifestyles may not allow you to grab keep up with all the healthcare developments, latest news, and innovations across the globe. 

Podcasts are especially useful when it comes to emerging health issues that may not have enough published information yet. Medical practitioners and enthusiasts come together and challenge their skills on how to come up with real-time solutions. 

If you’re not aware yet, that’s exactly what’s happening in our medical field with the onset of the novel coronavirus. With that in mind, here are 6 best medical podcasts that will keep you in the loop of all things medical (including COVID-19).

This Won’t Hurt A Bit (FOOLYBOO)

A favorite  in this selection of medical-related podcasts is This Won’t Hurt A Bit from FOOLYBOO. It is an entertaining piece and can cheer up anyone who thinks science stuff is boring. It explores everything intertwined with medical care and uses humor to discuss scientific topics. 

Generally, this podcast improves one’s knowledge in an informal, witty way. Everything is made in humor including the sound effects.  The doctors’ experiences add a bit of curiosity in the medical field. The fifth episode is especially quite funny and explores some outdated methods and medical therapies. They range from using cocaine as suppressants to bloodletting. If you’d like to listen to this episode click here.

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Coronavirus: fact vs fiction (CNN)

Hosting on CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta decides to break the ice in his daily podcast dubbed Coronavirus: Fact or Fiction. The show focuses on all the facts about the virus, including current domestic and international impacts and what viewers should do to reduce its spread. 

This show is quite comprehensive and involves experts who openly take questions from the audience and answer accordingly. The podcasts also take it further to interview affected patients via satellite and probably provide a little bit of insight.  

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TEDTalks Health Podcast 

One of the most common talk shows, TED Talks, has episodes from all sorts of sectors including healthcare. In its series TED Talks Health Podcast, the show breaks down medical issues “The TED’s way”- short, to the point, and very insightful. 

With more than 300 recorded shows, TED Talks is a nice place to quench thirst in medical matters. Though not particularly structured or the COVID-19 outbreak, the show has been at the forefront of tackling emerging issues and health-related pandemics. 

Interestingly, a particular talk by Bill Gates raised eyebrows among people speculating that the tech billionaire predicted the current coronavirus pandemic. In his talk, Mr. Gates describes how the current systems may not be well-prepared for a possible outbreak and suggest possible steps we can take to prepare for the outbreak.

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Coronavirus Daily (NPR)

Hosted by Kelly McEvers, NPR’s Coronavirus Daily is a great 10-minute podcast that gives people insights into the coronavirus update, including how it affects the health sector, personal finance, politics, and just about everything. 

 The show tackles all issues related to the pandemic without sugarcoating, or mere ‘PR,’ including comprehensive interviews with healthcare experts. Generally, this podcast is best for the general public as it showcases the pandemic from a different perspective. The podcast is up to date and airs every weekday afternoon. 

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What The Health (Kaiser Health News)

Julie Rovner, the official host for What The Health, brings together the most curious and up-to-date news reporters from giant media houses including, Politico, New York Times, and Washington Post, to discuss matters of healthcare and policy within Washington. 

It is quite an informative podcast and the final part of each episode is usually an extra credit section where the host Julie and her guests share a  piece of news or podcast that they find valuable to customers.

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2 Docs Talk 

Another interesting medical podcast features two amazing co-hosts, Kendall Britt, MD and Amy Rodgers, MD who try to cover as much as they can in subjects like the science of medicine, healthcare, health policy, and other related fields. 

With over 90 episodes online, the 15-minute podcast is great for those who would want to know a little bit about personal health and other intricate issues like the latest coronavirus pandemic. 2 Docs talk is thorough in covering matters of health, but still not too heavy on jargon. It is definitely a podcast worth listening to.

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America Dissected: Coronavirus (Crooked Media)

Last fall creators at Crooked Media launched a podcast that was entirely rooted in deciphering the brokenness of America’s Health system. Dubbed America Dissected, the podcast aired only its debut episode before completely shifting to Coronavirus. 

The show is hosted by a physician and a former city health commissioner, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed. America Dissected is still keen to fulfill its bottom line and it is one of the few podcasts that actually analyze the coronavirus pandemic from a deeper point of view. 

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Viral: Coronavirus (Three Uncanny Four)

As the COVID-19 virus spreads in over 50 countries across the world, so is the need for information and the race for its cure. Whether a medical practitioner or not, people need to be kept in the loop about the virus and its effects. 

In response, the team at Three Uncanny Four came up with a series of podcasts dubbed Viral: Coronavirus. They discuss emerging situations with this pandemic without hype or hysteria and present it to the audience with factual information from authoritative sources. To have a feel of this podcast, you can listen to their quick 2-minute introduction here.

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Coronavirus Daily Briefing (Ride Home Media)  

This audio has updates, reports, and news from all over about the COVID-19 pandemic. It is probably the best show for those who really want to get at the heart of things and stay in the loop every day. 

Interestingly, this podcast was specifically made with the notion of listening while on the commute. And though movement is currently restricted, the podcast is still valuable even if you’re stuck at home. 

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