10 Successful Branded Podcasts

Successful Branded Podcasts

Podcasts are a popular, compelling way for listeners to engage with companies, groups, and businesses of all kinds. Many podcasts are created by media companies, but non-media brands can also leverage podcasting to gain the benefits of audio content marketing. With its advantages of low barrier to entry and potentially high yield in customer captivation, podcasting is an excellent way for companies to share brand messages with customers. We should know, Backtracks is the world’s most advanced podcast analytics and measurement for brands and advertisers.

Here are ten companies that have successfully integrated podcasting into their brand messaging.

1. “The Message” by GE

“The Message,” is a science fiction podcast in a journalistic style. In the podcast, scientists work to decode extraterrestrial messages using real technology developed and sold by General Electric. Currently in development is a new science fiction story from the same team titled “Life After.”

“The Message” and its follow up podcast series create engaging stories that listeners can enjoy while communicating the brand messaging about existing GE technologies. Listen to “The Message” here.

2. “The Sauce” by McDonald’s

McDonalds’ podcast production is unique, addressing a public relations problem created by limited distribution of a particularly popular sauce. Created in early 2018, the podcast follows the investigative format popularized by the popular podcast “Serial.”

The concept of addressing a PR problem directly through creative use of content marketing is an effective and unique strategy to rebuild a brand’s message. Check out “The Sauce.”

3. #LIPSTORIES by Sephora Collection

#LIPSTORIES, a podcast created by Girlboss Radio in partnership with Sephora celebrates a line of lipsticks and the women that inspire them. Each podcast episode features an influential woman telling her own #LIPSTORIES and seeks to encourage other female leaders, creators, and activists.

The #LIPSTORIES podcast takes a strong approach to content marketing, using a recognizable product to communicate an important and empowering message through engaging and uplifting stories. Listen to #LIPSTORIES on iTunes.

4. “Why We Eat What We Eat” by Blue Apron

Have you ever wondered where food trends come from? “Why We Eat What We Eat” explores those questions. Blue Apron, as a provider of fresh ingredients ready to be prepared by home cooks, creates the perfect content to reinforce their brand messaging.

“Why We Eat What We Eat” follows the popular format of the educational podcast while carrying Blue Apron’s brand and purpose in its theme. Listen to the podcast here.

5. “Rise and Grind” by ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter’s business podcast is hosted by Daymond John (Founder of FUBU and Shark Tank host). ZipRecruiter’s focus is on helping businesses find perfect people to fill positions. The podcast focuses on learning from hardworking, talented, and successful people from a variety of fields.

The “Rise and Grind” podcast follows the interview format, and its emphasis on successful business is the perfect pairing of theme and brand. Listen to episodes here.

6. “Open for Business” by eBay

Many podcasts focus on business success, but not many focus on building a business from scratch. “Open for Business” is told in a journalistic/interview style, and focuses on entrepreneurs who grew their business from an idea to a full-fledged company.

The podcast reinforces eBay’s branding message, while also hinting at the origins of eBay as a startup business in the mid-1990s. Check out full episodes here.

7. “The Distance” by Basecamp

With age comes (business) wisdom. This is the focus of Basecamp’s narrative podcast about companies that have survived and grown for 25 years or more. It’s a study in what others have learned over nearly a lifetime of experience.

“The Distance” pairs perfectly with Basecamp’s focus on project management. No business can survive for long if it is not well organized. Listen today on iTunes.

8. “Innovation” by Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson’s focus on health and “innovation” is the perfect theme for their podcast. As a company focused on personal care and health, it’s important that listeners feel that the company is working to advance and improve those fields.

Exploring new concepts in healthcare is important to everyone, and creating a podcast to communicate that is good for Johnson & Johnson’s brand and good for the world. Listen to episodes on here.

9. “.future” by Microsoft

“.future” explores how the future may unfold based on our lives today and the choices we’re making as individuals and as a society. Technology, health, data, and even gaming will influence the future we’re moving toward.

The future and the many ways that we shape it has been a focus of Microsoft since its earliest days and is the perfect topic to explore in its branded podcast. Listen here.

10. “Slack Variety Pack” by Slack

Slack is devoted to helping teams and businesses work together more effectively. The theme of the “Slack Variety Pack” is telling stories about successful businesses and the teams that comprise them

The theme of the “Slack Variety Pack” is perfectly in line with Slack’s purpose, and the two make a good blend of brand and branded podcast. Find full episodes on iTunes.

Remember, there’s no one best way to do podcasting. There are many different styles and themes, so you can approach audio content marketing in the way that works best for your brand.


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